Galveston Fishing Report - Hot August Action

Galveston Fishing Report

Our Galveston Fishing Guides are reporting some amazing August fishing here in Galveston, Texas. With water temperatures in the upper 80’s and even getting into the 90’s – our Fishing Guides are targeting areas with deep water access on our Charters. In the past weeks, we have even found ourselves catching speckled trout in 20 foot plus of water. Now, the fish are up in the water column – but we are using more weight than usual to get our baits into the strike zone. This technique is proving to catch some very, very high quality speckled trout and redfish while others success is not very good. We are catching our fish using live shrimp, fished on a 2-1/2 foot 30lb Suffix Clear Mono Leader, and a number 6 treble hook. Two very important keys is “Keep the Live Shrimp….LIVE!” and “experiment with amount of weight used until you begin to hook up”. I know both of these sound very simple, but the first is likely the most difficult this time of year with water temps being as high as they are. Changing the water out regularly in the livewell and having frozen water bottles on hand to keep the water somewhat cool is critical to keeping the shrimp very alive and active. The other as far experimenting with the amount of weight is…. well exactly what it is – experiment until you begin to hook up. If you know there are fish in the area, water is clean, tidal movement is there, then fish an area at different angles and depths. This is what our Galveston Fishing Guides do day in and day out. Though our time frame to do it in is sometimes short, the time our Galveston Fishing Guides have put in on the water pay off more times than not.

Galveston Shark Fishing is on fire right now for anyone looking to battle one of these toothy creatures from the deep. Black Tip, Spinners, Sand Bar, Hammer heads, Bull Sharks, and more are all roaming the near shore waters of Galveston Island and we know how to catch em!

Galveston Offshore Fishing has been great the past couple of weeks with full limits of King Fish being the norm. This the time of year that king fish will come in close to the beach at times, and fun filled, line screaming, reel smokin’ Kings are a blast! This will continue thru the month of August and into September depending on Mother Nature and currents.

The bays and marsh are full of flounder right now, as they are feeding up on shad. There are lots of red fish in the marshes and bayous, and we will be spending more and more time in these areas as we head into fall weather patterns. Live shrimp, live mullet and even soft plastics will be our go to baits targeting redfish, flounder and speckled trout.

The Galveston Flounder Gigging will be lighting off in the not so distant future. If you have never experience and night on Galveston Bay hunting the elusive flounder – this is a must do and the fall is a perfect time to do it. We are beginning to book up for our Galveston Flounder Gigging Charters and also our Galveston Fish – Gig Combos. A fish/gig combo is a unique trip where we fish the late evening until dark for redfish and speckled trout then at dusk we begin to hunt for flounder.

There are allot of exciting things to do in Galveston this time of year. Give us a call and book a great fun trip with one of our Galveston Fishing Guides. 409-739-8526


Written by Fishing Charters Galveston TX on Tuesday August 16, 2016